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Viking Stove Repair Troubleshooting

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Viking is an American luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer with over 40 years of developing and innovating kitchen appliances. They are known to be the originator of the professional-grade range for home kitchens, which has changed the landscape of range manufacturing.

As a certified Viking repair and maintenance company, we know about the different issues with their Viking stoves. It's not because they are poorly made; It's just that any type of appliance is susceptible to wear and tear as time passes. Here are a few things we have encountered:

  • Viking gas stove igniter not sparking.
  • Viking gas stove has gas issues.
  • Viking gas stove has clogged burner heads.
  • Viking electric stove burners are dead.

It is relatively easy to troubleshoot the issues mentioned above. Contrary to what other professionals might say, we encourage our customers to at least try to do basic troubleshooting before calling us for help. We want to think of basic troubleshooting like first aid whenever someone is injured. First-aid minimizes injuries and lessens the possibility of the injury worsening. This idea applies to appliances!

Here are a few tips we can give to help you troubleshoot your Viking ranges.

  1. Igniter Issues.

    Your igniter is responsible for igniting the gas to create a steady flame on your stovetop by generating electrical sparks. However, when there is too much grease buildup between the igniter, it could disrupt the current and not generate any sparks. You can fix this by cleaning the tip of the igniter with an old toothbrush.

  2. Gas Issues.

    It is good practice always to check your gas line and gas supply first whenever you notice that your range has no gas. First, check the gas line for any signs of wear and tear. Next, check if you have enough gas in your tank.

  3. The burner heads are clogged.

    As you spill oil and food during cooking, these could get in your burner heads and clog the holes as soon as they harden. You can solve this by taking the burner heads out and submerging them in warm, soapy water to loosen the buildup. Then, after a few minutes, take them out and use a used toothbrush to get rid of the buildup.

  4. The burner element is dead.

    Instead of an open fire to cook, electric stoves have burner elements to generate the heat needed to cook. When they are working normally, they turn red when your electric stove is turned on. When they no longer heat up, you might need to replace the bad burner element.

If you are still having issues with your Viking stove even after all the troubleshooting, it would now be the best time to contact us to do Viking stove repairs.

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