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Keep Your Ovens at Maximum Efficiency With Our Viking Single Oven Repair Service!

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Thanks to their lifetime guarantee on their appliances, Viking is recognized as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the kitchen. In addition, they provide professional-grade appliances that are sleek and classy, further ensuring that your kitchen is one of the most efficient and best-looking. Viking's product line ranges from appliances like wine coolers, ice makers, and refrigerators, but they're also one of the go-to cooking brands! From cooktops to stovetops to freestanding ranges, Viking has them all.

There are four models available for the Viking Ovens: 7 Series, Virtuoso 6 Series, 5 Series, and 3 Series. They come in two sizes: 27 inches or 30 inches, and they can either use gas or electricity as their fuel. There are also two configuration types: Single and Double. Double ovens are two-tiered, which allow you to have more space for your baking, roasting, and other cooking needs. Meanwhile, the Single Ovens are compact units that offer professional-grade cooking for your entire household.

Unique Features in Viking Single Ovens

  • Extra Large Capacity Oven: Don't let the term "Single" deter you from choosing this configuration because, despite the name, these ovens have a significantly larger oven cavity so you can cook enough food for the entire family at one time.
  • 10-Pass Broiler with Heat Reflector: Some Single Oven models allow you to toast then sear your food in quick succession thanks to the electric broiler with heat reflector. It comes in 3 settings: HI, MED, and LOW for multiple broiling options.
  • TruConvec™ Convection Cooking: If you want convection cooking, then this is the oven for you because it provides fan-forced air that circulates the entire oven, ensuring your food isn't burnt by direct heat.
  • Concealed Bake Element: Some Viking Single Oven models have a concealed bake element that provides accurate temperature control and easy clean-ups!
  • Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler: Other Viking Single Oven models with this feature can provide intense heat to sear meat and fish without drying them out.
  • CoolLit™ LED Lights: These metal knobs are accented by lights whenever the unit is used.

Viking also offers an Electric Single French-Door Oven for homeowners who want to have a little extra flair with their appliances. The French-Door Single Oven has a feature that allows you to open both doors one-handed—if you open one door, the other opens with it.

Why Viking Appliance Repairs is the Best Choice For Your Viking Single Oven Repair

Viking Appliance Repairs is a company that is dedicated to providing excellent service at affordable rates for all customers. Whether you're in a residential or commercial property, we have service centers that can accommodate your appliance repairs. We have plenty of service centers scattered throughout the country and allow us to cater to more customers who need appliance repairs. Our technicians are completely licensed to repair the entire line of Viking appliances, and they receive regular refresher courses that keep them up to date on innovations from the brand.

So, contact our team of professionals today for more information on the perks and benefits our customers receive. We also provide other services, such as the Viking Single Gas Oven repair Service, so give us a call today.

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