Causes of Ice Buildup in Your Freezer 

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Appliance Repairs

Frost buildup in a freezer can be a common and frustrating problem. Not only can it make it difficult to access your frozen goods, but it can also be a sign of a bigger issue that could potentially damage your appliance. 

In this article, we will discuss three possible reasons for ice buildup in your freezer and how to prevent it. We’ll also provide information on the best Viking refrigerator repair you can get for your appliance. 

So, what could be the reason behind your freezing building-up ice?

Possible Causes of Ice Buildup

If you notice ice building up in your refrigerator’s freezer, here are the possible causes: 

  • Door Gasket Issues

A worn-out door gasket is one of the most typical causes of frost buildup in a freezer. A door gasket is a rubber seal wrapped around the edge of the freezer door. If this seal is damaged or not properly sealed, warm air from outside can enter the freezer, causing frost buildup.

  • Temperature Issues

Another cause of frost buildup could be temperature issues. If the temperature inside your freezer is too high, the moisture in the air can freeze, causing frost buildup. Alternatively, the freezer could become too dry if the temperature is too low, causing frost to form.

  • Defrost System Malfunctions

The defrost system in a freezer removes any excess frost buildup. If this system malfunctions, the frost will continue to accumulate and eventually cause damage to your appliance.

  • Other Causes

If you notice your Viking refrigerator freezer icing up and none of the above causes seem to be present, other reasons could exist. These include a clogged or frozen drain, a faulty evaporator fan motor, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

How to Prevent Ice Buildup

Now that we’ve discussed the possible reasons behind the ice buildup in your freezer let’s move on to how you can prevent it from happening in the first place. The following are easy steps you can do at home at any time. 

  • Check the Door Gasket

Regularly inspect the door gasket of your freezer to ensure that it is not damaged and is properly sealed. If you notice any issues, replace the gasket immediately.

  • Maintain the Right Temperature

Make sure that your freezer has the right temperature – typically between -18°C and -23°C. High temperatures could lead to your Viking freezer icing up, and low temperatures could result in your Viking freezer not making ice at all. Adjust the temperature accordingly. 

  • Defrost Your Freezer

Regularly defrost your freezer to prevent any excessive buildup of frost. Preferably, you should have your freezer defrosted at least once every six (6) months or whenever you notice more than a quarter-inch of frost buildup.

  • Keep the Freezer Door Closed

Avoid leaving the freezer door open for extended periods of time. This can allow warm air to enter and interact inside the freezer, leading to frost buildup.

  • Clean the Coils

Regularly clean your freezer’s coils to ensure they are functioning properly. Dirty coils can cause the freezer to work harder than necessary, leading to temperature and frost buildup issues.

  • Ensure regular professional maintenance

If you’re worried about your refrigerator freezer building up ice, you can prevent it by ensuring regular maintenance from a professional. Regular maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting refrigerator parts to monitor efficiency and provide timely repairs for any issues. 

You can trust a professional for any problems with your refrigerator. They could specialize in Viking freezer repair, so you can count on them to resolve frost or buildup issues.

Professional Viking Refrigerator Repair Service 

Prevention is always better than cure, so you must check your refrigerator from time to time to avoid buildups. 

However, if you do encounter issues leading to your refrigerator’s malfunction, you should know when and where to find a professional Viking refrigerator repair service. Professional technicians know the complexities of your refrigerator, including its freezer and other components. 

If you’re looking for a professional technician, Viking Appliance Repairs is here. We are home to licensed Viking technicians who completed the necessary training and certification to be able to service Viking appliances. 

Our technicians are also complete with the needed repair tools and replacement parts to repair or maintain your refrigerator. Rest assured that it will be repaired efficiently and returned to its original condition. 

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Your Takeaway

In conclusion, frost buildup in your freezer can be an inconvenient problem, but it is usually preventable. By regularly maintaining your appliance and following the tips outlined above, you can keep your freezer frost-free and in good working condition. 

Remember to check the door gasket, maintain the right temperature, defrost your freezer, keep the freezer door closed, and clean the coils for optimal performance.

Also, ensure regular maintenance and timely repairs for your refrigerator. This ensures that its parts and components are working properly. Well-maintained Viking appliance parts are crucial to appliance longevity. 


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