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The interest in induction cooking has been growing nowadays. This new type of cooker is known for its efficiency, fast cooking times, and safety. Although they are quite pricier than their gas counterparts, people still prefer the newer induction cookers because of their benefits.

Induction Cooktops vs. Gas Cooktops

Gas cookers have been around for quite some time now and have been the choice for many cooks over the years. But with the development of cooking technology, things like electricity and induction cooking were introduced, offering a faster and more efficient way of cooking in the kitchen. 

Let's go through some of the differences between the two:

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops use propane or natural gas as their source of energy. This cooktop allows one to turn the heat on and off with the flick of a switch. Unlike electric cooktops that need the surface to heat up first, the heat source of a gas cooktop is the flame itself. 

A downside to gas cooktops is that gas supply can get a tad expensive compared to electricity. On the other hand, running electric cooktops is relatively cheaper than propane or natural gas. Another is the danger that gases pose. If there are gas leaks or any damage to the source, any sparks or open flames could cause it to ignite and start a fire.

Induction Cooktops

Unlike gas cooktops, induction cookers use electricity instead of gas. But, unlike normal electric cookers that use a heating element to produce heat, induction cookers use electromagnetism.

Under the cooktop is a metal coil. When it is turned on, electricity passes through it and generates a magnetic field underneath. When a pan is placed on top of the coil, it will react with the pan and generate heat directly.

One of the great features of induction cooktops is that the surface does not get hot. Because induction cooktops heat the pan directly, there is no heat on the cooktop's surface — keeping the surface cool to the touch.

The Viking Brand

Viking has been producing many luxury cooking appliances over the years. Being known as the originator of the professional-grade range, they take this experience to create an amazing line of luxury cooktops with great features to make cooking easier and more efficient for others.

Although they are made with the best quality materials and have the best engineers, their components are not immune from wear and tear. With how expensive Viking appliances are, it is frustrating to have them break down. It is why we at Viking Appliance Repairs are here! We offer quick and affordable Viking induction cooktop repairs to give you peace of mind and control back in the kitchen!

Viking Repair And Maintenance Anywhere, Any Time!

Whenever a premium appliance breaks down, it is best to have someone take a look at it right away. Our premium Viking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week — including holidays! So you never have to worry about looking for a repair service ever! 

Once you call us, our customer service team will connect you with our nearest available factory-certified repair specialist. Our repair specialist will then contact you to confirm the booking and will be on their way to your address to assist you. They are equipped with the best tools to help them diagnose and repair your premium cooktop fast and efficiently. We can guarantee that your appliance will be ready in no time! 

We also offer our Certified Viking appliance repair service in Mesa.

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