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Viking Grill Repair

Viking grills are a unique element of functionality and beauty that can beautify any backyard, pool area or deck. Owing to the harsh outdoor conditions, Viking grill units tend to require more attention than the ovens or stoves used in kitchens. Luckily, our pro team specializes in Viking grill repair services.

Viking Grill Repair

We offer Viking authorized repair in Los Angeles which helps us stand out of the crowd. We are trusted by the manufacturer to perform on-warranty repairs and replacements. So whenever you are looking for a certified manufacturer’s representative, you can call us! Our team is also certified by NADCA and in combination with a decade of experience, we guarantee that our Viking repair service Los Angeles is the best in the city and its whole metropolitan area.

Our Viking Grill Service

While our team is equipped to fix any grill problem you might be having, here is a shortlist of our most common services:

  • Grill will not get hot enough
  • Air shutters need adjustment
  • Gas/propane tank leaks
  • Regulators replacement
  • Burner and side burner issues
  • Valve repairs and installation
  • Excessive flare ups
  • Gas regulation hoses attachment and replacement

While these are the basics of Viking outdoor grill repair services we offer, you can be sure that no matter the complexity or kind of problem you have, our expert technicians are ready to help you day and night.

Viking Grill Repair

Why choose us?

Besides being certified by NADCA and the Viking manufacturer, our team is also fully licensed to perform all kinds of Viking outdoor grill repair services. We focus on being the best in the city, so whenever you look for a Viking grill repair near me, you will definitely get our name on the list.

We have a 100% satisfaction rate and full labor warranty coverage as well as the manufacturer’s warranty for the replaced parts. Should anything happen to your grill, we will come and fix it all without any charges.

Viking BBQ repair is not the kind of service you think about on a daily basis; chances are you need an emergency repair assistance since the guests are on the porch and the grill won’t start. Don’t worry!

Our Viking outdoor grill replacement team would come to you urgently with no questions asked and repair your unit on the spot without any additional charges!

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