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The cooktop is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. It provides a heat source for people to cook delicious meals. Electric cooktops are becoming a popular choice for people because they are easier to install and a lot more precise when it comes to temperatures while cooking. Of course, one really cannot say that one is better than the other because it all comes down to personal preferences, but for those who want a modern home aesthetic, electric cooktops may be the best one for you. But, like any other appliance out there, these electric cooktops can experience issues as time passes. It is why it is important to know how to at least do basic troubleshooting to get your unit up and running again.

Common Electric Cooktop Issues and Troubleshooting

The electric cooktop is not turning on.

An unpowered cooktop will never operate. When this happens, it could mean either your unit is not plugged in properly or if there are issues with your cooktop's internal components.

First, check if the electric cooktop is plugged into a fully functioning electrical outlet rated for your appliance. If it is plugged but still has no power, check your home's circuit breaker and see if the circuit breaker to your cooktop has been tripped. If you have no idea which breaker is for the cooktop, inspect for any levers in different positions than the rest. If you see one, reset the breaker by first pushing the lever to the off position, then moving it to the on position after.

If the breakers are good yet the cooktop is still unpowered, your cooktop may have some defective internal components that have to be replaced by a factory-certified repair technician.

Heating elements are not heating.

The heating element is the component responsible for transforming electricity into heat. Over time, these elements can get burnt out and would need to be replaced. Before assuming that it is a defect in the element, first check the connection of your heating element to the cooktop if you can access it. Sometimes, a loose connection between the heating and cooktop may cause the component not to heat up. If connections are fine and you see some visible damage on your heating elements, call a factory-certified repair technician to replace your heating elements.

The cooktop's control panel is not responsive.

The control panel is, for gas stoves, the knobs you have to turn to control heat. If the panel is broken, you won't be able to control how hot your pans get.

An issue usually causes this issue with the cooktop's infinite switch. This small component is connected to the area that regulates power levels. Therefore, any issue with this component would cause your cooktop to not respond to any of your commands. If you do not have any electrical experience, call a factory-certified repair technician to help.

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