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Certified Viking Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Repair

Viking Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Repair Service | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking has been a kitchen appliance manufacturer for over 40 years and has been setting the American standard for modern luxury kitchens. Known to be the first to have manufactured professional-grade ranges for home kitchens, they continue to develop other kitchen appliances to provide the public with quality appliances — including refrigerator units.

There are many built-in bottom freezer refrigerators in the market, but not all are made equally. For example, the Viking brand has manufactured different refrigerators. They have the five series, Virtuoso 6 series, and the seven series refrigerators with their unique features, like:

  • Spill-Proof Plus: Special shelves to keep spills and other messes from spilling over in the refrigerator.
  • Air Purification System: Keeps the air in the refrigerator clean. It helps keep food fresh and helps to remove foul odors.
  • ProChills: It is a unique temperature management system with a variable-speed compressor to chill food quickly. It uses electronic controls to maintain even temperatures and odor elimination technology to remove odors and excess humidity.
  • Bluezone Fresh Preservation Technology: It is a technology developed to strip microbes, ethylene, hydrocarbons, odors, and other contaminants in your Viking refrigerator to ensure that food stays fresh longer.
  • Adaptive Defrost: This allows for automatic defrosting to avoid unnecessary frost buildup.

Having a built-in bottom freezer refrigerator has lots of benefits. But nowadays, built-in bottom freezer refrigerator units have been quite preferred by more people because of the following:

  • It keeps frozen food in easy reach.
    As mentioned, older refrigerators have their freezers at the top. With this, you would have shelves beneath it and the vegetable drawer at the very bottom. By putting the freezer at the bottom instead of the vegetable drawer, people can access all the fresh and chilled food at eye level, preventing the need to bend down.
  • It saves more space.
    Bottom-mounted freezers have slide-out drawers that make organizing your frozen food easier. These drawers help maximize the available space in your refrigerator. These freezers are also larger than the top-mounted ones, which makes storing large food items easier.

Whenever your appliance has issues, wouldn't it be better to entrust it to professionals who know everything about your unit?

If your Viking refrigerator is leaking, not getting cold, making unnatural noises, or is having excessive frost, let Viking Appliance Repairs handle it! Our Viking built-in bottom freezer refrigerator repair guarantees that we'll get your unit feeling like it's brand new.

We also offer Viking built-in side-by-side refrigerator repair services.

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