How To Properly Clean A Viking Ice Maker Condenser Coil

Jun 9, 2022 | Appliance Repairs | 0 comments

The convenience of having your own Viking ice maker is also important to ensure that it is properly maintained. Ice makers refer to the unit in most refrigerators/freezers that produces small batches of ice through the convection. After the water is dispensed into its molds, the air removes the heat, and the ice will slowly freeze. Find out the ice maker electrical consumption and other information about the Viking ice maker.

But, like any other appliance in your kitchen, it will come to the point that you might face some problems with it, and it can be due to poor maintenance. To properly assess the situation, a professional Ice Maker Appliance Repair will be able to assist you and get your ice maker working in no time.

Viking Appliance Repairs in Oceanside is your trusted and reliable service company in the area. The company has been in service for many years and has been servicing Oceanside’s residential and commercial areas. With a team of expertly trained repair technicians, licensed and experienced in handling different Viking appliance issues. Guarantees you to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions to your appliance. To help determine the main cause of the problem, a thorough diagnosis will be made using the right tools and equipment designed for the repair.

Most of the problem with the appliance is due to improper maintenance. Even a high-end appliance also needs to be taken care of properly for it to work more efficiently and be used for a long time. If you notice that your Viking ice maker is not functioning as it should be, several factors can cause the issue: a dirty condenser coil. Having a dirty condenser coil can cause a problem with the ice maker. If the condenser coil cannot properly cool the fridge, this tends to work overtime to be able to sustain the cooling of the unit.

Cleaning the considered coils is vital, and you can do this by wiping them down using a sponge with soapy water. To properly clean the component, it needs specially designed tools for cleaning, which will not cause any problem with the appliance. Here’s how you can properly clean the condenser coil.

Unplug the unit and locate the coils

Before you clean the fridge, make sure that you have unplugged it from the power source. This is for your safety. Keep in mind that you might be facing a lot of dust and debris, and if you don’t want to inhale this, make sure to wear a mask. Then pull the unit away from the wall to locate the condenser coil. Depending on the Viking refrigerator model, the location of the condenser coil varies.

Vacuum the coils

The next step is to clean the condenser coils using a vacuum. Use the long, narrow hose attachment on your vacuum to remove as much debris and dirt as possible. If this is the first time you have cleaned the coils, this step could be crucial. 

Brush the Coils

Consider using an appliance brush to ensure thorough cleaning to remove other remaining dust and debris that you can’t reach using a vacuum.

You can always seek a professional repair service to assist you.

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