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Viking Appliances Repair Service Plainview | Viking Appliance Repairs

Entrust your repair issues to our most incredible Viking appliances repair service in Plainview right now!

First of all, Plainview is a flourishing hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York, United States, near the North Shore of Long Island. The CDP had a population of 27,100 people in 2020. The Plainview post office has the ZIP code 11803. Plainview and Old Bethpage, its neighboring hamlet, share a school district, library, fire department, and water district. The Nassau County Police Department's Second Precinct provides law enforcement for the communities.

Plainview began around 1648, when Robert Williams, a Welsh pioneer, purchased land in the area. Because of a tiny pond called the Moscopas by local Native Americans, which means "hole of dirt and water," the region was considered desirable for farming. The village became known as "Manetto Hill" since the term "Mannatto Hill" appeared on the deed of the Bethpage Purchase in 1695. Manitou was a Native American word that might be "god" or "spirit."

The arrival of the Long Island Rail Road in nearby Hicksville in 1837 boosted local farming. In 1885, residents of Manetto Hill petitioned the US Postal Service for a local post office but were denied because a similar name was already in use upstate, according to several accounts. The hamlet was then renamed "Plainview," after the view of the Hempstead Plains from the top of the Manetto Hills.

Plainview remains a farming village known for producing cucumbers for the massive Heinz pickle factories in Farmingdale and Hicksville. Blight decimated the cucumber crop in the early 1900s, prompting many farmers to convert to potatoes. Following WWII, a potato blight, along with the desire of many returning GIs to leave New York City for more rural Long Island, encouraged many farmers to sell their land, resulting in huge development and the birth of so-called suburban sprawl.

Between 1950 and 1960, the hamlet went from a population of 1,155 to almost 35,000 people. During this time, most of the available land was developed or designated as parkland. While general growth slowed, smaller residual portions of land were developed irregularly. In recent years, some of the few remaining large parcels have been converted to gated communities, which contrasts with most houses in the neighborhood.

There were 8,963 homes, 36.5 percent of which had children under 18 living with them, and 73.0 percent of which were married couples. Individuals living alone made up 16.3% of all households, with 11.9 percent having someone living alone who was 65 years or older. The average family size was 3.24, and the average household size was 2.87. The population of the CDP was diverse, with 25.1 percent under the age of 18, 5.5 percent between the ages of 18 and 24, 26.0 percent between the ages of 25 and 44, 26.5 percent between the ages of 45 and 64, and 17.0 percent over the age of 65. The average age was 41 years old. There were 94.3 men for every 100 females.

With this number of homes, it would be too impossible for at least of them not to have an appliance at home. Not surprisingly, many of them have Viking appliances because of their quality, and they always trust our Viking appliances repair service in Plainview with the repairs in case they need some.

We also have a Viking appliance repair service in Centre Island.

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We at Viking Appliance Repairs have been in the industry helping Viking homeowners with their repair issues. They always choose us over any other Viking repair company because:

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  • We offer the most economical repairs for our services. We are now their go-to repair service provider since our services are not just of the best quality but also the most affordable.
  • We have amazing customer relations. All of our staff are highly trained to deal with clients professionally, which left quite an impression on our clients.

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The Unequaled Service of Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Appliance Repairs is the most sought-after Viking repair service provider in Plainview right now because of its unequaled service!

There’s almost nobody in Plainview that owns at least one Viking appliance who doesn’t know the name of our company. We have helped a lot of Viking homeowners, and they always come back to us whenever they need more help with their appliances. Technically, we are now the most trusted Viking repair service provider and the area, so choose us if you want to receive high-quality service for your Viking appliances right now.

We at Viking Appliance Repairs now cater to the following Viking appliances:

  • Built-in Refrigerators
  • Freestanding Refrigerators
  • Ice Makers
  • Wine Cellars
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Freestanding Ranges
  • Rangetops
  • Cooktops

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Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair Plainview

Our Viking built-in refrigerator repair in Plainview is the most sought-after service for Viking built-in refrigerators!

Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking freestanding refrigerator repair Plainview

No one can compare with the amazing service of our Viking freestanding refrigerator repair in Plainview!

Viking Ice Maker Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking ice maker repair Plainview

If you want quality service for your Viking ice maker, choose our Viking ice maker repair in Plainview.

Viking Wine Cellars Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking wine cellars repair Plainview

Our Viking wine cellars repair in Plainview ensures that your Viking wine cellars receive the best quality service.

Viking Stove Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking stove repair Plainview

Our Viking stove repair in Plainview assures you that your Viking stove will be fixed right away!

Viking Oven Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking oven repair Plainview

Our Viking oven repair in Plainview has the most effective fixes for your Viking oven!

Viking Freestanding Range Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking freestanding range repair Plainview

Our Viking freestanding range repair in Plainview promises an absolute fix for your Viking freestanding range!

Viking Rangetops Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking rangetops repair Plainview

Our Viking rangetops repair in Plainview gives its all just to make sure your Viking rangetop is fixed!

Viking Cooktop Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking cooktop repair Plainview

Our Viking cooktop repair in Plainview has the most affordable rate to fix your Viking cooktop to perfection!

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