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Reliable Viking Appliances Repair Service in Chandler

Viking Appliances Repair Service Chandler | Viking Appliance Repairs

Chandler city is located in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. They have the following zip codes: 85248, 85249, 85226, 85224, 85225, 85286, 85246.

From its humble beginnings in 1912, the city had grown and become home to more than 250,000 diverse residents with a thriving electronics and manufacturing industry. They also have an amazing downtown district for visitors and residents to enjoy themselves, amazing schools, and lots of public art commissioned by the city's arts commission.

Here are some other facts about the city you might find interesting:

  • Chandler city's Art Culture

If you are a fan of art, the city has many different public art displays sprinkled around the city, especially in their local parks and downtown. This initiative was headed by the Chandler Arts Commission to further enhance the city's culture and showcase it to both visitors and residents alike. You can take an interactive tour of the different public arts through the city's website.

Aside from the mentioned public art displays scattered around the city, the city is home to the Chandler Center for the Arts. It is a multi-theater performing arts and visual arts facility that regularly hosts local ballets, film screenings, and concerts. 

  • Annual Chandler Ostrich Festival

Have you ever thought if people could ride these huge ostriches? Well, here at Chandler, they have an annual event that does just that — and more! The Ostrich Festival is part of the city's way of celebrating its colorful history of ostrich ranching. 

The 3-day event has become one of the premier festivals in the southwest, with around 250,000 to 350,000 people in attendance. It features live ostrich races, carnivals, amazing food stalls, upscale arts and crafts, and huge parades. 

  • Dog-friendly Environment

The city has scores of dog parks for many dogs and dog owners to enjoy their time together in the beautiful city. The city loves their dogs so much that they have a festival just for them called "Woofstock." The festival offers dog walks, pet massages, a "bark park," and even a pet psychic for those who would like to know more about what their pets are thinking. 

The city's love for dogs can be traced back to the city's founder, Dr. Alexander John Chandler. He is a veterinarian by trade who brought the state's first veterinary practice.

The city is a fun and exciting place to live in. There are so many things for people to enjoy — and having an appliance break down can put a damper on your day. It is why we at Viking Appliance Repairs are here to be of service.

We offer an array of premium Viking appliance services, like:

Viking Refrigerator Repairs

Viking Freezer Repairs

Viking Ice Maker Repairs

Viking Wine Cooler Repairs

Viking Stovetop Repairs

Viking Range Repairs

Viking Oven Repairs

Our team of professional repair technicians is factory-certified with years of experience working with Viking appliances. They are on-call 24/7 for any Viking appliance repair service in Chandler so that you can spend the rest of your day enjoying what the city has to offer you.

Don't let something as small as this ruin your day! Let us take care of it!

We also offer 24/7 Viking Appliance Repair Service in San Francisco!

Why Choose Us

A simple google search would show that many repair companies can offer Viking repair and maintenance services in the area. Some would even be near your house, making it easier for you to get the help you need, but here are some advantages we have over other repair companies in the area:

  1. Our services are open 24/7. Whether it’s in the break of day or at the dead of night, we are available to serve you. Our team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all urgent repairs that you might need.
  2. We are factory-certified. Our professional repair technicians have undergone rigorous training and certification tests under Viking. 
  3. We have all the parts and components you might need. As a certified repair company, we have all the parts and components necessary for Viking appliance repairs on hand. Other companies would have to order them and wait for a few weeks before using them.
  4. Our team is equipped with the best tools for the job. Each repair technician has the best appliance repair tools to help them accurately diagnose any Viking appliance and quickly repair them so that we can get them running smoothly again as soon as possible.

Get Quality Viking Appliance Repairs in Chandler Today!

With how expensive a Viking appliance is, you should be getting a Viking-certified repair technician to service it for you. Why? Well, here are some points to consider.

  • They are specifically trained to handle Viking appliances, giving them knowledge about Viking products and how they are manufactured.
  • Each Viking-certified repair technician receives continuous training to keep them up-to-date with the latest products and troubleshooting methods.
  • The services and parts used by Viking-certified repair technicians are covered by a comprehensive repair warranty, ensuring the quality of parts and service done.
  • They are allowed to do in-warranty repairs on behalf of the manufacturer.

Why settle for less? Get quality Viking repair and maintenance services now with Viking Appliance Repairs!

Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Built-In Refrigerator Repair in Chandler

Our Viking built-in refrigerator Repair in Chandler handles many common refrigerator issues, like excessive frosting, leaking, temperature issues, and defective door switches.

Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Freestanding Refrigerator Repair in Chandler

Our Viking freestanding refrigerator repair in Chandler ensures that important components like the compressor and evaporator run in their best condition.

Viking Ice Maker Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Ice Maker Repair in Chandler

We guarantee your unit will produce clean and quality ice after you avail of our Viking ice maker repair in Chandler.

Viking Wine Cellars Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Wine Cellar Repair in Chandler

Our Viking wine cellar repair in Chandler is proven and tested to be the best in the city!

Viking Stove Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Stove Repair in Chandler

Our Viking stove repair in Chandler includes stovetop cleaning to eliminate any grime buildup, which can cause components to malfunction.

Viking Oven Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Oven Repair in Chandler

Our team of repair technicians handling our Viking oven repair in Chandler ensures to check for common oven issues, like malfunctioning temperature sensors, broken oven lights, weak igniter components, and broken gas safety valves.

Viking Freestanding Range Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Freestanding Range Repair in Chandler

Our Viking freestanding range repair in Chandler is the best your money could get.

Viking Rangetops Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Rangetops Repair in Chandler

Our Viking rangetop repair in Chandler includes deep cleaning to ensure your unit is spotless after fixing it.

Viking Cooktop Repair | Viking Appliance Repairs

Viking Cooktop Repair in Chandler

Our Viking cooktop repair in Chandler handles any cooktop: gas, electric, and induction cooktops.

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